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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Owner’s Rep and why do we need one?

An Owner’s Representative is someone who manages the project from the Owner’s perspective and with the Owner’s best interest in mind.  Projects managed by a seasoned Owner’s Rep will have substantially greater chances of on-time and in-budget delivery, as a highly qualified Owner’s Rep firm should possess the knowledge and experience necessary to mitigate time and cost overruns and potentially save multiples of their fee along the way.    

What should we look for in an Owner’s Rep?

When selecting an Owner’s Rep for your project, identifying a firm with the knowledge, experience, and expertise in projects of similar scope, size and complexity is a good start.  The firm should also possess a reputation for thinking critically and solving problems… not just “managing” projects.   


While a qualified Owner’s Rep should possess the ability to step into a project at any given point within the project’s timeline, it is ideal if they are engaged at conception.  The earlier an Owner’s Rep is engaged, the greater impact they will have on the overall project and its success.  Engaging an Owner’s Rep at the onset will enable them to guide you through the complicated process of planning and preconstruction, which is the most important part of the project’s trajectory, and should yield the greatest results during construction as a result. 

Why can’t our Property Manager manage the project?

Property Managers have their hands full managing the community from a day-to-day operational perspective.  Attempting to manage a large capital improvement project will negatively impact their ability to perform their Property Management roles and responsibilities.  Additionally, taking on a major project will only set them, and the project, up for failure by attempting to manage something outside their area of expertise.

Why can’t our Engineer manage the project?

Engineers are licensed design professionals who carry the burden and responsibility of performing tasks that effect the safety and well-being of the community and public.  Engaging in the management of a project from an owner’s perspective requires a completely different set of services which can negatively impact their ability to perform their responsibilities as an Engineer as it deviates from their area of expertise.

Why should we select LGC?

We are a solutions-oriented team who take pride in mitigating the time and cost overruns while providing ownership with the peace of mind they deserve.  Our firm is comprised of seasoned construction professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary for success.  We have spent many years perfecting the process of construction project oversight so ownership can focus on their personal and professional lives while we focus on their project.    

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